Wk 11-Activity-Plaster Casting

For this week’s activity, I had the opportunity to work with plaster for the first time. To be honest, I was really excited in doing this activity because I had never done anything like this before. The process itself went very well. The videos and instructions were very clear and helped me a lot in order to complete this activity. 

Furthermore, I was able to do a sculpture of my foot. Throughout the whole process of adding water and the plaster itself was not too difficult. I was able to get a pretty good texture in order to finish up my sculpture. I was actually able to complete my foot sculpture on my first try. Overall I really enjoyed this activity and would definitely do it again. Finally I must say that this has been one of my favorite art activities, including the graffiti  writing. I really enjoyed both of these activities because I had never done nothing like this and based on my first attempt I am satisfied.



Wk 11-Artist Interview-Patricia E. Rangel

For this week, an artist name Patricia E. Rangel displayed her artwork at the Werby-Gallery. Her show was called Rebuilding. Rangel is currently finishing up her Masters in Fine Arts and using this exhibition as her partial fulfillement.

Once I entered the gallery, I felt really curious and interested in the artwork displayed. Rangel had large pieces of sculptures molded with sand. It was amazing being able to see how each piece was carefully done, especially with the different shapes on top of each sculpture. She mention that she was very lucky to get spring break in order to put up her artwork in the gallery because it does take lots of time to put these pieces together. Based on her explanation, I think the hardest part of all this process is getting the sand at its right texture in order to start building the sculptures and layering the sand. Rangel also mention that she reuses the dirt. What she means by this is that she brings in more dirt and uses what she already has. Overall, I was really impressed with Rangel artwork and I enjoyed looking through her amazing artwork.


Wk 11-Classmate Interview-Kimberly Carrasco

For this week’s classmate interview, I met Kimberly Carrasco. This is her second year at Cal State Long Beach and is majoring in Sociology. She is still unsure what career she wants to pursue, but wants to work with children. I found this very interesting and exciting because I also want to work with children, although my major is child development and family studies. We both talked about how it takes lots of patience and dedication in order to work with kids especially the younger ones. Kimberly is from the Los Angeles area and was born in Lynwood, California

Furthermore, when Kimberly was asked what has been one of her favorite art activities, she mention the student choice one. She did photography like me, but the only difference was that she focused more on the nature side by taking pictures of flowers. A similarity that we have is that we both love going to the beach. Other of her favorites are eating hot wings, favorite color is red, and likes baseball-The Dodgers. It was really nice meeting her and having the chance of knowing another person who would like to work with kids in the future.


Wk 10-Activity-Student Choice



For this week’s activity, the Art 110 students had the opportunity to choose any activity they would like to do related to art. At first I was not too sure what I wanted to do, but later I knew exactly what I wanted. The first thing that came up to my mind was the ocean. I personally believe the ocean is the most beautiful thing in this whole entire world. I love going to the beach so I decided to do ocean photography. I have always had an admiration to photography that I wanted to experience it myself and what best to do photography at my favorite place in this whole world, the beach.

In addition, I decided to do my photography at a beach called Corona Del Mar. Once I got there I could already feel the peace and relaxation of the atmosphere. Just viewing the ocean and its waves coming back and forth hitting against the shore made me appreciate more the ocean’s beauty and its wonders. As I explored the different parts of the beach, I noticed the many blue colors of the water which varied from light to dark blue and observed how the people there felt a sense of calmness due to their facial expressions. 

Overall my experience with photography went great. I was not only able to take great pictures of the beach or ocean but had a great time just to myself. I was really happy with the experience I had with ocean photography and hope to do it more often.  

Wk 10-Artist Interview-Dawn Ertl



For this week, an artist name Dawn Ertl displayed her artwork at the Gatov-East Gallery. Her show was called Radius of Action. Dawn is currently finishing up her Masters in Fine Arts and is using this show as her thesis.

Once I entered the gallery, I felt really curious and interested in the artwork displayed. Dawn had weaving hanging down from the ceiling in which it contain many plastic bags, pieces of plastic bottles, and straws. The reason why these items were in her artwork was because she is trying to put out the many environmental issues that are currently happening in our world. I also noticed that her artwork contain speakers. I thought this was really cool because this really caught my attention and i am sure to many others as well. She said that her friend showed her how to take apart a speaker in order to put it up with her artwork. So throughout her exibition, she had music playing which was really nice. I also noticed the different colors she used in her artwork. This really caught my attention as well.

In addition, the weaving process took about six months to complete so a total of one year for both of her artworks. Dawn also mention that she has been weaving for about four years. Overall it was really nice meeting Dawn and seeing her different pieces of artwork that were inspired by worldwide environmental issues. I hope to one day see more of her artwork.

Wk 10-Classmate Interview-Kelsey Lewis

For this weeks’s classmate interview, I met Kelsey Lewis. This is her first year at Cal State Long Beach and is majoring in Journalism with a minor in business. Kelsey is not from Southern California but from the Central Valley, a city called Modesto. In addition, Kelsey mention she has different ethnicities in her family. She is French, Russian, German, Italian, etc. I think it is really cool and interesting being part of so many cultural backgrounds. The reason I say this is because one is able to learn from the different cultures our families come from. Kelsey has one older and one younger brother, making her the middle child. 

Some of Kelsey’s favorite things to do is play soccer and has been playing it since the age of 5, likes to go to the beach, and hanging out with friends whenever she can. When I asked Kelsey “What is her favorite color?”, she responded “clear”. She does not have a specific color that she can say as her favorite but instead loves all the colors. I thought this was really thoughtful because now that I think about it all colors are unique in some way and have meaning. Kelsey also mention that she loves photography. One thing Kelsey and I have in common is that we both go for the same football team. We love our San Francisco 49ers­čśâ. It was really nice meeting Kelsey and I wish her the best in her studies and throughout her education.   


Wk 9-Activity-Architecture & Urban Planning

For this week’s activity, we had three projects to do: A Cognitive Map, Adopt a Building, and Redesign the Campus. While drawing my cognitive map, I was able to draw what came to my mind, especially the lower campus (south part of the campus). I must say that drawing the CSULB campus did make me think a little. The reason I say this is because I had to think twice where each particular building is located. I did try my best to place each building in its correct location. This is my cognitive map of CSULB mostly the lower campus…


Furthermore, as part of this activity I was to “adopt” a building. The building that I chose was the Mclntosh Building. This building has nine floors and serves as faculty offices for the college of Liberal Arts. As I recall, my english professor had her office hours in that building and she mention a couple times that it can get really stuffy inside, especially during the summer. 

In addition, the Mclntosh Humanities Building is named in honor of Carl W. Mclntosh in 1980. Mclntosh served as president at Cal State Long Beach from 1959-1969. It is also one of the largest buildings on CSULB campus. A  water fountain is also located in back part of the Mclntosh building. 

Here is a picture of the Mclntosh Humanities Building (I do not own this picture).


 In the third activity, I had to redesign the CSULB campus. I chose a very specific building that I have always thought it needs a renovation. The building that I chose to redesign was the Mclntosh Humanities Building. Overall this building is the tallest building on the CSULB campus. I would definitely change this and split the building into two, but make sure they both connect, as shown in my map outlined in black. The reason I would want the building to be split into two is because it would be less difficult for people to go up to the last floor,but much easier to tranfer into another building. Also each building can have a decent amount of people in it and not crowded in one tall building. In addition, I have heard that this building gets a little stuffy especially during the summer. I would try to fix this problem by adding more windows in order to get ventilation through the building. Overall, this activity was lots of fun because I was able to learn more about the historical background of the building I chose to redesign.


Wk 9-Artist Interview-Michael Rollins

For this week, an artist name Michael Rollins displayed her artwork at the Gatov-East Gallery. He is currently finishing up to get a Masters in Fine Arts in drawing and painting. The name of his show is called “New Digs”. Michael is from Arizona and mention that he did not see much people working with art there than here in California. He believes going to Grad school was the right decision to not get a job and spend time painting. In my opinion, I believe if one has in mind of continuing college like pursing a masters one should focus in what we want to work with. The reason I say this is because having a job and keeping up with school can be distracting. Michael also mention that one painting inspired the next. Most of his paintings took one year of planning and executing. In my pespective, I think it was really cool being able to see the different paintings filled with so much color, lines, and shapes. I like seeing the different bright colors in painting because to me it shows lots of happiness. Here is some of his amazing artwork…     

Wk 9-Classmate Interview-Roxana Gutierrez

For this week at the art gallery, I met Roxana Gutierrez. This is currently her first year at Cal State Long Beach and is a psychology major. She is still unsure of what she wants to do with that major, but is thinking of being a counselor for high school students. Roxana went to Lakewood High School and mention that during her free time she likes to hang out with her friends since she hardly gets to see them. She also mention that she has a twin brother, but both are very different. Roxana currently splits her time in school and work. She said it can be very hard to keep up with school work and the responsibility of having a job. In my opinion, I think it can be hard to keep up with school and a job but anything is possible and give lots of props to Roxana­čśâ She has a younger sister who is four years old and Roxana’s favorite color is Turquoise. It was really nice meeting Roxana and wish her the best with her studies. 

Wk 8- Activity – Remix Culture

For this week’s activity, we were introduced to a Remix Culture activity. At first I was a little confused on what I was to do in this activity, but then we were shown examples in class and it made more sense. So for my remix activity, my friend and I came up with the idea of recreating childhood memories. As you can see, I was extremely excited while wearing my butterfly costume on Halloween. I was about 8 years old. While putting together my recreation, I started remembering back to that day just like it was yesterday. In my opinion, it was not as hard recreating the moment because I had kept my costume and as a result it made it much easier on me with the clothing. However, there are a couple differences that made this a little complicated, but I tried my best.

┬áFurthermore, I believe copyright does have its problems. Many tend to copy work from other people without thinking how bad it is to just take someone else’s work and use for their benefit or just because they want to share it. I do believe that there should be stricter enforcement in order to protect people’s work. Overall I had fun doing my activity; it was really exciting recreating a childhood memory.