Wk13-Artist Interview-Shirhori Nakayama

For this week, an artist name Shirhori Nakayama displayed her artwork at the Dutzi Gallery. her show was called “Recapturing the Moment”. Nakayama is currently finishing up her Masters and is using this exhibition as her thesis. 

Once I entered the gallery, I felt really interested in the artwork displayed. Nakayama had a variety of pieces with varous of designs. She mention that she has been drawing ever since she was little. During the process of making her artwork, she mention that she first draws, then scans, and finally prints out the image. In my perspective, I thought her artwork was really cool due to all the details each image had. It seemed like each image had their own stories. Overall, it took her about four months to complete her artwork. I was really impressed with Nakayama’s artwork and I enjoyed looking through her amazing portraits. 



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