Wk 12-Activity-Algorithmic Art

For this week’s activity, we had to write out a procedure and do that procedure with either demonstrating it with pictures or a video. I decided to demonstrate in how to do an origami heart. Below you will see various pictures in order to successfully complete an origami heart.


1) First you take any regular size paper and fold both corners, like shown above.


2) Once you complete this, the unfolded sides should look like this.


3) Then take each corner and try to fold towards the inside, basically just following the folds you did in the beginning.


4) Once you have followed the folds, it should look like this, shown above.


5) Take one side of the flap and fold towards the middle top and do the same on the other side.


6) Once you have completed those steps, you would have done the same for the bottom part of the paper. Fold the bottom flap towards the inner part and repeat for the other side.


7) Then flip the paper over and take the top flap and fold that flap downward.


8) After you have done step 7, it should look something like this, shown above.

FullSizeRender - 5

9) Once you have done step 7, you will see a little slip where you can insert the small flaps seen above. You will then insert those flaps into the slip and also include the bottom flaps.


10) After you have completed step 9, it should look something like this, shown above.


10) The final result is an origami heart. These are really fun and easy to do.


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