Extra Credit

Overall, all the activities we did throughout the semester were really cool. Some were very interesting while others were quite challenging.


1) Painting and Drawing (Graffiti Writing)- I had never tried graffiti writing so it was pretty cool being able to do this for the first time as a class assignment. I was able to express myself and choose any colors I wanted while spray painting my name.

2) Fiber Arts (Yard Bombing)- I was really excited for this activity because I was able to create something and put it anywhere I wanted to. It was really fun.

3) Sculpture (Plaster Casting)- Lastly, this was one of the activities that I enjoyed as well. I had never done plaster casting and I was really excited in having this opportunity to do it as part of this class.

Least Favorites:

1) Arts Funding (Kickstarter)- For this activity, I sure did learn a lot from different items people wanted to put into the market but I didn’t quite understand the meaning towards the idea of art. I was a little confused.

2) Architecture and Urban Planning- It was really cool being able to choose a building from CSULB and change it to how one thinks it would look or work better, but it was just a little frustrating for me since I don’t have the artistic skills needed for drawing.

3) Remix Culture- I think this was one of the toughest activities for me. The reason  i say this is because I was very confused and didn’t know quite well what to do for this activity.


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