Wk 12-Artist Interview-Kat Cox

For this week, an artist name Kat Cox displayed her artwork at the Dutzi-Gallery. her show was called “Domestic Implications”. Cox is currently finishing up her bachelors of Fine Arts.

Once I entered the gallery, I felt really curious and interested in the artwork displayed. Cox had different types of pieces with a variety of shapes, designs, and colors. It was amazing being able to see the finish products and how they are done so carefully. She mention that she uses porcelain as clay and celadon as glaze. In addition, based on her explanation of what each piece goes through and is processed to the final outcome, I must say it can be hard work. However, once the final product is finished it is quite worth it. It can take a few hours or days just carving itself and a couple more hours using the potters-wheel. Some of my favorite sculptures are in picture one. The detailed designs and colors used really stands out. I was really impressed with other sculptures as well. The reason I say this is because other sculptures portrayed a story with carved figures. Overall, I was really impressed with Cox’s artwork and I enjoyed looking through her amazing artwork.



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