Wk 11-Artist Interview-Patricia E. Rangel

For this week, an artist name Patricia E. Rangel displayed her artwork at the Werby-Gallery. Her show was called Rebuilding. Rangel is currently finishing up her Masters in Fine Arts and using this exhibition as her partial fulfillement.

Once I entered the gallery, I felt really curious and interested in the artwork displayed. Rangel had large pieces of sculptures molded with sand. It was amazing being able to see how each piece was carefully done, especially with the different shapes on top of each sculpture. She mention that she was very lucky to get spring break in order to put up her artwork in the gallery because it does take lots of time to put these pieces together. Based on her explanation, I think the hardest part of all this process is getting the sand at its right texture in order to start building the sculptures and layering the sand. Rangel also mention that she reuses the dirt. What she means by this is that she brings in more dirt and uses what she already has. Overall, I was really impressed with Rangel artwork and I enjoyed looking through her amazing artwork.



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