Wk 10-Classmate Interview-Kelsey Lewis

For this weeks’s classmate interview, I met Kelsey Lewis. This is her first year at Cal State Long Beach and is majoring in Journalism with a minor in business. Kelsey is not from Southern California but from the Central Valley, a city called Modesto. In addition, Kelsey mention she has different ethnicities in her family. She is French, Russian, German, Italian, etc. I think it is really cool and interesting being part of so many cultural backgrounds. The reason I say this is because one is able to learn from the different cultures our families come from. Kelsey has one older and one younger brother, making her the middle child. 

Some of Kelsey’s favorite things to do is play soccer and has been playing it since the age of 5, likes to go to the beach, and hanging out with friends whenever she can. When I asked Kelsey “What is her favorite color?”, she responded “clear”. She does not have a specific color that she can say as her favorite but instead loves all the colors. I thought this was really thoughtful because now that I think about it all colors are unique in some way and have meaning. Kelsey also mention that she loves photography. One thing Kelsey and I have in common is that we both go for the same football team. We love our San Francisco 49ers😃. It was really nice meeting Kelsey and I wish her the best in her studies and throughout her education.   



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