Wk 10-Artist Interview-Dawn Ertl



For this week, an artist name Dawn Ertl displayed her artwork at the Gatov-East Gallery. Her show was called Radius of Action. Dawn is currently finishing up her Masters in Fine Arts and is using this show as her thesis.

Once I entered the gallery, I felt really curious and interested in the artwork displayed. Dawn had weaving hanging down from the ceiling in which it contain many plastic bags, pieces of plastic bottles, and straws. The reason why these items were in her artwork was because she is trying to put out the many environmental issues that are currently happening in our world. I also noticed that her artwork contain speakers. I thought this was really cool because this really caught my attention and i am sure to many others as well. She said that her friend showed her how to take apart a speaker in order to put it up with her artwork. So throughout her exibition, she had music playing which was really nice. I also noticed the different colors she used in her artwork. This really caught my attention as well.

In addition, the weaving process took about six months to complete so a total of one year for both of her artworks. Dawn also mention that she has been weaving for about four years. Overall it was really nice meeting Dawn and seeing her different pieces of artwork that were inspired by worldwide environmental issues. I hope to one day see more of her artwork.


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