Wk 10-Activity-Student Choice



For this week’s activity, the Art 110 students had the opportunity to choose any activity they would like to do related to art. At first I was not too sure what I wanted to do, but later I knew exactly what I wanted. The first thing that came up to my mind was the ocean. I personally believe the ocean is the most beautiful thing in this whole entire world. I love going to the beach so I decided to do ocean photography. I have always had an admiration to photography that I wanted to experience it myself and what best to do photography at my favorite place in this whole world, the beach.

In addition, I decided to do my photography at a beach called Corona Del Mar. Once I got there I could already feel the peace and relaxation of the atmosphere. Just viewing the ocean and its waves coming back and forth hitting against the shore made me appreciate more the ocean’s beauty and its wonders. As I explored the different parts of the beach, I noticed the many blue colors of the water which varied from light to dark blue and observed how the people there felt a sense of calmness due to their facial expressions. 

Overall my experience with photography went great. I was not only able to take great pictures of the beach or ocean but had a great time just to myself. I was really happy with the experience I had with ocean photography and hope to do it more often.  


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