Wk 9-Activity-Architecture & Urban Planning

For this week’s activity, we had three projects to do: A Cognitive Map, Adopt a Building, and Redesign the Campus. While drawing my cognitive map, I was able to draw what came to my mind, especially the lower campus (south part of the campus). I must say that drawing the CSULB campus did make me think a little. The reason I say this is because I had to think twice where each particular building is located. I did try my best to place each building in its correct location. This is my cognitive map of CSULB mostly the lower campus…


Furthermore, as part of this activity I was to “adopt” a building. The building that I chose was the Mclntosh Building. This building has nine floors and serves as faculty offices for the college of Liberal Arts. As I recall, my english professor had her office hours in that building and she mention a couple times that it can get really stuffy inside, especially during the summer. 

In addition, the Mclntosh Humanities Building is named in honor of Carl W. Mclntosh in 1980. Mclntosh served as president at Cal State Long Beach from 1959-1969. It is also one of the largest buildings on CSULB campus. A  water fountain is also located in back part of the Mclntosh building. 

Here is a picture of the Mclntosh Humanities Building (I do not own this picture).


 In the third activity, I had to redesign the CSULB campus. I chose a very specific building that I have always thought it needs a renovation. The building that I chose to redesign was the Mclntosh Humanities Building. Overall this building is the tallest building on the CSULB campus. I would definitely change this and split the building into two, but make sure they both connect, as shown in my map outlined in black. The reason I would want the building to be split into two is because it would be less difficult for people to go up to the last floor,but much easier to tranfer into another building. Also each building can have a decent amount of people in it and not crowded in one tall building. In addition, I have heard that this building gets a little stuffy especially during the summer. I would try to fix this problem by adding more windows in order to get ventilation through the building. Overall, this activity was lots of fun because I was able to learn more about the historical background of the building I chose to redesign.



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