Wk 9-Classmate Interview-Roxana Gutierrez

For this week at the art gallery, I met Roxana Gutierrez. This is currently her first year at Cal State Long Beach and is a psychology major. She is still unsure of what she wants to do with that major, but is thinking of being a counselor for high school students. Roxana went to Lakewood High School and mention that during her free time she likes to hang out with her friends since she hardly gets to see them. She also mention that she has a twin brother, but both are very different. Roxana currently splits her time in school and work. She said it can be very hard to keep up with school work and the responsibility of having a job. In my opinion, I think it can be hard to keep up with school and a job but anything is possible and give lots of props to Roxana😃 She has a younger sister who is four years old and Roxana’s favorite color is Turquoise. It was really nice meeting Roxana and wish her the best with her studies. 


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