Wk 9-Artist Interview-Michael Rollins

For this week, an artist name Michael Rollins displayed her artwork at the Gatov-East Gallery. He is currently finishing up to get a Masters in Fine Arts in drawing and painting. The name of his show is called “New Digs”. Michael is from Arizona and mention that he did not see much people working with art there than here in California. He believes going to Grad school was the right decision to not get a job and spend time painting. In my opinion, I believe if one has in mind of continuing college like pursing a masters one should focus in what we want to work with. The reason I say this is because having a job and keeping up with school can be distracting. Michael also mention that one painting inspired the next. Most of his paintings took one year of planning and executing. In my pespective, I think it was really cool being able to see the different paintings filled with so much color, lines, and shapes. I like seeing the different bright colors in painting because to me it shows lots of happiness. Here is some of his amazing artwork…     


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