Wk 8- Activity – Remix Culture

For this week’s activity, we were introduced to a Remix Culture activity. At first I was a little confused on what I was to do in this activity, but then we were shown examples in class and it made more sense. So for my remix activity, my friend and I came up with the idea of recreating childhood memories. As you can see, I was extremely excited while wearing my butterfly costume on Halloween. I was about 8 years old. While putting together my recreation, I started remembering back to that day just like it was yesterday. In my opinion, it was not as hard recreating the moment because I had kept my costume and as a result it made it much easier on me with the clothing. However, there are a couple differences that made this a little complicated, but I tried my best.

¬†Furthermore, I believe copyright does have its problems. Many tend to copy work from other people without thinking how bad it is to just take someone else’s work and use for their benefit or just because they want to share it. I do believe that there should be stricter enforcement in order to protect people’s work. Overall I had fun doing my activity; it was really exciting recreating a childhood memory.



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