Wk 8-Classmate Interview- Randa Jaber

For this week at the art gallery, I met Randa Jaber. Randa commutes from Downey, CA. This is currently her second year at Cal State Long beach and is a Civil Engineering major. As a future career or job, she wants to be able to work for a company pertaining to transportation. Some of Randa’s favorite things to do during her free time is hanging out with friends, going shopping, and likes to go to the beach. Randa and I have two things in common and it is that our favorite color is blue and we enjoy eating different types of foods. She mentioned that she likes to try different foods of other cultures and learn more about them through the cuisine. In my opinion, I find this interesting because through the cuisine we are able to learn other cultures and their background. I personally enjoy eating different types of foods as well. Randa has a younger brother who is 15 years young and her favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate.



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