Wk 7- Artist Interview – Frances Salazar

For this week an artist named Frances Salazar displayed her artwork in the Gatov-East gallery. Her major is a bachelors of Fine Arts in Metals. The name of her show inspired by her artwork is called “Spark”. The majority of her work took her about 2 1/2 to 3 years to complete. 

Here is some of her amazing work… 

Sky Guardian

Silver needle

Morning Song

I was really impressed with Frances’s work and how she is able to put so much dedication and detail into it. I must say that one of my favorite works from her was the tea ball which above is named “Silver Needle”. Every detail about it is really interesting and it just shows that she put a lot of work into it by the designs. Another work from her that I really liked are the two birds named “Morning Song”. The different shapes and stlyes of lines she uses throughout the birds is really interesting. When asked what she looks forward into the future, she responded she wants to start her own buisness in jewlery design. This is a really big goal for Frances and I am sure she will accomplish it. After talking to her about her work, I can now understand why it took 2 1/2-3 years for her to finish her work. It takes lots of patience and dedication to be able to build something so unique. I wish Frances the best and I must say I really enjoyed watching every detail about her work.


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