Wk 6 – Artist Interview – Christine Fuqua

For this week an artist named Christine Fuqua displayed her artwork in the Marilyn Werby Gallery. Her major is studio art with an emphasis in wood. Here is some of her artwork…

IMG_5477                           IMG_5486

Spoon 2015, Maple                                                        Comber 2015 Wood 30″x40″x30″

As you see above, Christine made the small spoon and the bench. Before, she would make many wooden spoons and give them away. Her spoons are made 20% of carving and 80% sanding them. Christine also mentioned that she is part of a program where they take trees that are dying at CSULB and use them to make things. In my perspective, I believe this is a really good thing that this program is doing because they are able to recycle the wood from trees and actually use the wood to make things. It was really interesting seeing the small spoon and bench that Christine made. Every small detail about these two works of art is done with precision and dedication. I hope to one day see Christine’s artwork in more galleries and I wish her lots of luck throughout her career.


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