Wk 6 -Activity- Yarn Bombing

For this week’s activity, we had to do something called “Yarn Bombing” which is similar to “Bombing with Paint”. Yarn bombing is done with knitting or crochet. Before I did this activity, I first went to one of the CSULB SOA Fiber Arts facilities on the second floor of FA2. I saw something very interesting. The first photo below is what I saw at the fiber arts building and the second photo is one of my creations.

IMG_5473 IMG_5476IMG_5506

I believe the work of art of the first photo is very interesting. It was really cool how someone put different types of glass objects to make into one sculpture. In addition, I went straight into getting ideas in how I was going to crochet a scarf in order to “Yarn Bomb”. In my opinion, I thought it was really fun and a whole different experience. I had never actually done crocheting. At first I was really confused, but thankfully you tube videos helped an my aunt also influenced by helping me.

In comparison with Ran Bombing, I must say the Graffiti Writing experience was much easier for me. They were both two different experiences, but I just feel the graffiti writing was more unique. Furthermore, I believe anyone is capable of doing it all. It does not matter if it is graffiti writing or yarn bombing. Yes, there is many gender stereotypes but I strongly believe anyone is capable of doing anything. In other words, both men and women are capable of doing graffiti writing and yarn bombing. Ina way, i do think painting is more “art” and fiber is more “craft”. I also think that our culture today values both men and women. Although many years ago women’s work was not even considered, but now things have changed for the better. And a result, both men and women are valued in anything they do, not only artwork.


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