Wk 5- Activity- Kickstarter

For this week’s activity, we had to view two different topics on the kickstarter website. The kickstarter website provides a form of letting the public know what others are trying to promote. In a short notice, people post videos of their inventions or ideas and hope to receive donations from people who view it. In my personal opinion, some videos that I saw were very interesting and their ideas were just perfect but in others not so much.

Two categories that I chose to view videos on was on food and technology. For example there were two who I thought were really great ideas. In the food category, there was a video called bring the Garden back to Garden City. Two women want to bring back a garden to their city by turning a former costume shop into an organic point for the Treasure Valley. This would not only be beneficial for those who are organic eaters, but this can encourage the community come closer together by doing various activities. These activities include building and planting gardens, build an organic cafe for the people, and bring water and power to the costume shop so it can support greenhouses and plants. I believe this is a great idea these two woman are trying to accomplish because it would not only benefit the community, but will be a great investment to those who enjoy growing their own fruits and vegetables using no pesticides. I would defiantly invest on this project.


Another product that I would fund would be from the technology section. As the years continue to pass, more and more students continue to buy laptops for their school uses. This product is called TarDisk 250 GB MacBook Storage Expansion Module. As more students continue off their education to a college or university, more students are buying MacBook Pros from the Apple Franchise. As projects and papers continue to accumulate for students, they need more space available to save more documents. As a result this invention would be very beneficial for them and I would defiantly invest in this because I myself am a student and would really like my MacBook to have extra space.


Even though there were some great ideas like the above I already talked about, there were others who were not so great and would not invest on them. For example, There is this video called “Zombie Blood Hot Sauce”. Indeed, the name catches people’s attention and for those who love hot sauces. Two local Southern Californians want to make their hot sauce go global. They also have a specific name for each sauce that I found quiet interesting. In my opinion, their sauce names can be a little weird or strange but personally would not invest on their items trying to promote. The reason I say this is because it would be curious of what kind of products are used to maintain the sauce fresh.


Another product that I would not fund from the technology section would be the Tetra BIN: Your Favourite Augmented Reality Trash Bin. This product is a disposal that tries to remind or persuade people of all ages to be Eco-aware. This trash bin will light up different colors once trash is thrown into it. In my perspective, I do not really think people should be reminded about throwing their trash away into a lighted container and used kind of like a toy. I believe this type container is not necessary and would not fund this product.



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