Wk 5 -Artist Interview – Dianna Franco

For this week an artist named Dianna Franco displayed her artwork in the Gatov-West gallery. Once I entered the gallery, I immediately became attracted due to the colors used in her artwork. Her major is a Bachelors in Fine Arts concentrated in painting. Here is some of her artwork…

IMG_5416 IMG_5417 IMG_5420IMG_5418 IMG_5419 IMG_5415

She started painting around 20 years old. As a young child or teen, she did not know she wanted to paint until she grew older. Her whole series of paintings took about 7 months to complete. When asked what she wants people to see in her paintings or artwork, she mentioned happiness. She wants people to feel happy. The colors she used on her paintings are lively and did make me feel happy. The different colors used in each painting really make the artwork pop out more and grab people’s attention. In my perspective, in some of her paintings I was able to make my own little story. For example, on the 2nd row and 2nd photo, to me the red looks like a heart. While on other paintings there are different shapes and objects. It is interesting how one can make up their own little story just by one painting.


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