Wk 4 -Activity – The Mina Show

For this weeks’s activity, students had the opportunity to do something that normally don’t do. It is a way to get out of their comfort zone and just enjoy those “wouldn’t it be cool if” moments of the day. My friend and I decided to do something together. We wanted to do something like if we were part of a Carnival because the Brazilian Carnival was this weekend. It was out of our comfort zone because we decided to dress up at school and people who passed by were able to see us wearing our colorful masks.

IMG_5373               IMG_5358   FullSizeRender

Our Mina show was more performance art. It was a mixture of culture and art. In my opinion, I believe this compares to performance art because it was a mixture of visual art and acting. When I say acting I mean we kind of acted as if we were preparing for a real Brazilian Carnival. We mostly posed for pictures in school ground and people would pass by and just see. At first I was a little shy because I’m not use to doing these sorts of things especially in public, but after I felt more confident and it went great. The most important thing was that we had fun and was able to do something not done often.


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