Wk 4- Artist Interview – Andrea Albarran

For this week, an artist named Andrea Albarran displayed her art work in the Gatov-West gallery. I immediately became attracted to her artwork due to the colorfulness. I was surprised in how a short amount of time she was able to gain so much experience with oil painting. She said she has only been painting for five years. Here is some of her amazing artwork…

IMG_5323     IMG_5325           IMG_5322                     IMG_5324

She said that her loved ones inspire her while doing her paintings. Her favorite type of painting is oil painting. When asked what she wants people to see in her paintings, she said she wants people to see emotions and to see more than what she painted by using their imagination. She wants people to see other things besides her painting itself. To Andrea it is interesting seeing how people see other objects or things through her paintings. People make up their own little story about it and that is what makes it so interesting to Andrea. In my perspective, I believe her paintings do show much more than just the actual painting. The different objects, shapes, and colors used makes imagination work its way and see much more. I think one of my top favorite paintings of her is the one with the little girl. I asked Andrea who she was and she said she is her little niece. i just think its so nice how the painting came out. To me it shows innocence of a child and how the world of children is filled with different adventures by the use of colors and shapes Andrea painted.


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