Wk 3 – Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kawak

For this week, an artist named Yireh Elaine Kawak displayed her art work in the Gatov-East gallery. It not only included her paintings but as well as her friends. They both have very different styles and entitled their art work “Harmony & Discordance: Conflicting Landscapes”. Her art work included green pastures while her friend had a more urban style where not much color was shown. I found both styles very interesting because each had their own meaning to what the artist wants people to get from their art. She said that from around 5-6 years old she knew that she wanted to paint. She is a soon to be graduate from CSULB this semester.

Here is a couple of photos of her amazing art work…

10966799_490114941129606_1454996804_n        10958718_490114951129605_1182079082_n      10984808_490114961129604_437901769_n

Elaine is mostly inspired through what she sees near her home in Fullerton. She said she lives on a hill and from there she is able to view all the green pastures, trees, and all of what comes to nature. She usually goes to her back yard and from there she becomes inspired from what she sees. There are times when she just goes in her studio and paints from memory, intuition, and observation. She also explained how in order to let her ideas flow better she likes to take breaks and work on another painting like the middle one shown above called Pasture. Then after awhile she goes back to what she was working on like the first photo shown above. I personally like her style of nature. It just gives all these feelings of happiness and joy that we would all like to see in this world we live in, but there is also the other side of it like in her friends paintings. Both of their paintings can tell so much about the world we live in.


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