Wk 3 – Activity – Social Photography

Seeing the different posts with the #Art110s15, I noticed each photo was unique in their own way and related to art in some form. In my opinion, art is anything you want it to be in a form of expressing one’s emotions and in a way I believe this activity really helped each of us to posts pictures that we may actually never post. It is a way of expressing oneself.

Many of our photos posted were very different, but in some way similar because each represented how we felt, what we see or go through in our daily life, and just what we like to do on our free time. Furthermore, these are some of the photos I posted on instagram…

10968263_489932997814467_698402573_n10947874_489933004481133_1529094325_n   10979386_489932991147801_176311402_n                         10984695_489933001147800_1733409468_n10962112_489932994481134_324858250_n

The first photo I show my favorite shoes that I love to workout with. In my opinion, the bright orange color of these shoes represents happiness, determination, and encouragement. Not only is the color that I like about them, but because they are super comfortable. The second photo is a picture of a sunflower. The sunflower is one of my favorite flowers and again to me these flowers show happiness. This flower also reminds me of two of my favorite seasons which is spring and summer. The third photo is one of my pets. He is a Red-Headed Amazon and is currently 4 years old. His bright and vibrant colors makes him very interesting to look at. The fourth photo is one of my top favorites. I love going to the beach on my free time. I could honestly spend the majority of my day at the beach. Lastly, the last photo is a picture of the sun setting. After a long and busy day, it was time to call it a night.


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