Wk2 – Artist Interview – Maccabee Shelley


First I must say that I was very excited to go see the galleries at CSULB. There were many times that I had pass by there and have had the curiosity of what kind of different art were displayed there. I decided to do my first artist post on Maccabee Shelley. From the first time he went into class and talked about what he does, it really interested me his art work and just had to see it personally. From what I saw, it is really interesting and amazing how he is able to turn glass and bottles into this creative piece of art. He said that each piece inspires the next and he does not really think about it too much. I do not know much about art, but I think that each of his pieces may have some connection with each other that has a bigger meaning and as a result, he wants people to something from it. Honestly, I liked his art work and would defiantly go back and see his amazing colorful sculptures. One thing that I noticed about him is that he seems so passionate about art that he is very happy with the career he chose. This makes me think that one must must reach out for those dreams and goals no matter how challenging the path may seem. It does not matter if we have different majors as long as our career we choose makes us happy and we are eager to go to work everyday. Overall, I wish the best of luck to Maccabee through his career and hope to see more of his amazing art work.


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