Wk 15-Artist Interview-Elia Murray

For this week, an artist named Elia Murray displayed her artwork in the Gatov-East and West Gallery. The title of the artshow was called “Drawn Out” and it was displaying the many artworks for those graduating with a BFA of illustration and Animation.

One of her portraits that was most interesting to me was the trout. Murray mention that she would get inspiration of the colors by looking at sunsets and trouts from pinterest. She hopes to one day have her own business. Every now and then she has people send her in pictures of her cats or dogs and she paints them. Something that is really cool is that Murray is in the process of making a book for kids. It is a poem based upon creation myth. Her book is about a brown or black bear that gets frozen and turns into a polar bear. It was really nice seeing Murray’s artwork and I hope to read her book in the future.




Wk 15-Classmate Interview-Christian Posada

For our classmate interview, I met Christian Posada. This is his fourth year at Cal State Long Beach. He is majoring in psychology, but will need to take an extra year in order to graduate. His birthday is on October 25 and is Salvadorian. Some of his favorites are Greek food, pizza, and the color maroon. He lives in West Covina which is somewhat far from from Long Beach and was mentioning that it can be hard at times to commute with all the traffic.  

Christian enjoys going to the beach just like me. While we were taalking, I mention I want to try scuba diving this summer and he said he does too. He also likes to go hiking which is something I am looking forward in doing this summer as well. Two of his favorite art activities were the procedural art and the graffiti assignment. 


Wk 14-Classmate Interview- Monica Navarro

For this weeks’s classmate interview, I met Monica Navarro. This is her third year at Cal State Long Beach and is majoring in Sociology and minoring in human resources. She is not sure what she wants to do as a profession, but forsure wants to be able to work with children. Monica is from Bellflower which is borderline to my home city Norwalk. During her free time, she enjoys going to the beach and playing sports. One of her top favorites to do is going to Dodger games. It was really nice meeting Monica. Even though she had already done an interview, we were able to still interview each other😊


Wk 14-Artist Interview-Yireh Elaine Kawak

For this week, an artist named Yireh Elaine Kawak displayed her artwork in the Gatov-West Gallery. She is currently finishing up her Bachelors of Drawing and Painting. 

Elaine is mostly inspired through what she sees near her home in Fullerton. She said she lives on a hill and from there she is able to view all the green pastures, trees, and all of what comes to nature. She usually goes to her back yard and from there she becomes inspired from what she sees. There are times when she just goes in her studio and paints from memory, intuition, and observation. The painting above is called “Home”. She mention that it is very symbolic to her family. It took her about one month and half to complete. After she graduates from CSULB, she wants to take a break and just travel as well as build up her portfolio.


Wk13-Artist Interview-Shirhori Nakayama

For this week, an artist name Shirhori Nakayama displayed her artwork at the Dutzi Gallery. her show was called “Recapturing the Moment”. Nakayama is currently finishing up her Masters and is using this exhibition as her thesis. 

Once I entered the gallery, I felt really interested in the artwork displayed. Nakayama had a variety of pieces with varous of designs. She mention that she has been drawing ever since she was little. During the process of making her artwork, she mention that she first draws, then scans, and finally prints out the image. In my perspective, I thought her artwork was really cool due to all the details each image had. It seemed like each image had their own stories. Overall, it took her about four months to complete her artwork. I was really impressed with Nakayama’s artwork and I enjoyed looking through her amazing portraits. 


Wk 13-Classmate Interview- Leah Bloomfield

For this week’s classmate interview, I met Leah Bloomfield. This is her fourth year at Cal State Long Beach and is majoring in health science. She wants to continue her education at a medical school and mention that she wants to become a doctor. Leah is from Lakewood, CA which is really close to the university and to my home city.

 In addition, when I asked Leah what was her favorite art activity, she said the Remix. She really enjoyed doing the Remix activity. Leah’s favorite color is green. Also, she mention that she took this class as an elective. Glad I got to meet Leah and wish her lots of luck with her studies.


Extra Credit

Overall, all the activities we did throughout the semester were really cool. Some were very interesting while others were quite challenging.


1) Painting and Drawing (Graffiti Writing)- I had never tried graffiti writing so it was pretty cool being able to do this for the first time as a class assignment. I was able to express myself and choose any colors I wanted while spray painting my name.

2) Fiber Arts (Yard Bombing)- I was really excited for this activity because I was able to create something and put it anywhere I wanted to. It was really fun.

3) Sculpture (Plaster Casting)- Lastly, this was one of the activities that I enjoyed as well. I had never done plaster casting and I was really excited in having this opportunity to do it as part of this class.

Least Favorites:

1) Arts Funding (Kickstarter)- For this activity, I sure did learn a lot from different items people wanted to put into the market but I didn’t quite understand the meaning towards the idea of art. I was a little confused.

2) Architecture and Urban Planning- It was really cool being able to choose a building from CSULB and change it to how one thinks it would look or work better, but it was just a little frustrating for me since I don’t have the artistic skills needed for drawing.

3) Remix Culture- I think this was one of the toughest activities for me. The reason  i say this is because I was very confused and didn’t know quite well what to do for this activity.

Wk 12-Activity-Algorithmic Art

For this week’s activity, we had to write out a procedure and do that procedure with either demonstrating it with pictures or a video. I decided to demonstrate in how to do an origami heart. Below you will see various pictures in order to successfully complete an origami heart.


1) First you take any regular size paper and fold both corners, like shown above.


2) Once you complete this, the unfolded sides should look like this.


3) Then take each corner and try to fold towards the inside, basically just following the folds you did in the beginning.


4) Once you have followed the folds, it should look like this, shown above.


5) Take one side of the flap and fold towards the middle top and do the same on the other side.


6) Once you have completed those steps, you would have done the same for the bottom part of the paper. Fold the bottom flap towards the inner part and repeat for the other side.


7) Then flip the paper over and take the top flap and fold that flap downward.


8) After you have done step 7, it should look something like this, shown above.

FullSizeRender - 5

9) Once you have done step 7, you will see a little slip where you can insert the small flaps seen above. You will then insert those flaps into the slip and also include the bottom flaps.


10) After you have completed step 9, it should look something like this, shown above.


10) The final result is an origami heart. These are really fun and easy to do.

Wk 12-Artist Interview-Kat Cox

For this week, an artist name Kat Cox displayed her artwork at the Dutzi-Gallery. her show was called “Domestic Implications”. Cox is currently finishing up her bachelors of Fine Arts.

Once I entered the gallery, I felt really curious and interested in the artwork displayed. Cox had different types of pieces with a variety of shapes, designs, and colors. It was amazing being able to see the finish products and how they are done so carefully. She mention that she uses porcelain as clay and celadon as glaze. In addition, based on her explanation of what each piece goes through and is processed to the final outcome, I must say it can be hard work. However, once the final product is finished it is quite worth it. It can take a few hours or days just carving itself and a couple more hours using the potters-wheel. Some of my favorite sculptures are in picture one. The detailed designs and colors used really stands out. I was really impressed with other sculptures as well. The reason I say this is because other sculptures portrayed a story with carved figures. Overall, I was really impressed with Cox’s artwork and I enjoyed looking through her amazing artwork.


Wk 12-Classmate Interview- Nallely Silva

 For this week’s classmate interview, I met Nallely Silva. This is her second year at Cal State Long Beach and is double majoring in Child Development and Family Life Education. I really identified myself with Nallely because I am also a child development major. Although I have been thinking of double majoring as well, but have decided I want to focus more with children. Another thing that we have in common is that we both want to become Child Life Specialists. We want to work children and their families in hospital setting. Nallely is from Palmdale, CA and is the oldest out of four girls.

Furthermore, some of the things that Nallely likes to do in her free time is going to six flags since its really close where she lives back at home. Shes been having the season pass for three years now. One of her favorite top foods that she really enjoys is Shrimp Alfredo from olive garden. She also mention that one of her favorite art activities was the graffiti writing in which she was able to do at Venice Beach. It was really nice meeting Nallely and hope to see her in my child development classes in the future.